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Venom: To Silverbird or To uTorrent?

Where to start, where to start…

Going into this movie I read a bunch of different critic reviews, which supposedly were bad in order to favour this movie: A Star is Born… or some conspiracy like that.

Anyway, I went into the movie with somewhat lowered expectations. And to be honest, the critics were… both right and wrong? Let me explain. First off, Venom doesn’t have that wholesomeness we’ve come to expect of Marvel movies, which makes sense because this is a Marvel movie in source only; it was made by an entirely different studio, Sony. That aside, the movie does very well even though it feels like it shouldn’t work, and I feel most of this can be credited to Tom Hardy’s performance. His Eddy Brock is edgy and humorous in a very self-aware way that easily hits home with viewers, however in the self-discovery or should I say we-discovery (every good review needs at least one bad pun) part of the movie, the script makes him do some things which, frankly, seem like low-effort comedic cheap shots Hardy, Eddy and Venom are too cool for.

We are…

Personally, the movie felt kind of short because of how simple the plot was. Everything went as expected and there were no surprises, really. Which brings me to my final point; no risks were taken.

Venom is undoubtedly a very good stand-alone movie (Spider-who??) but also, it had everything necessary to be extraordinary –from the special effects, and the action sequences to the acting– everything was on point yet Venom chooses to play it safe, simple script and a PG13 rating; A guy’s head gets chewed off, literally, and it feels like someone popped a balloon.

The verdict: you should definitely see this in Cinemas. Watching Venom in cinemas, in my opinion, makes the movie better because scenes that wouldn’t be so hype watching alone really flourish with people shouting ‘Abooa!!’ all around. You absolutely will not regret paying for this.

Also, I can’t get Eminem’s Venom from the soundtrack out of my head. Here’s the video.